De tanta basura a tanto arte

Hay algunos artistas que creen que los metriales de arten han de ser gratis. El grupo Urban Trash Art de Sao Paulo, Brazil, piensa esto presisamente, e invierte su tiempo en los basureros para encontrar los materiales que necesitan, y con estos, creo esculturas enormes!

Arte con materiales recicaldos






Este video se trata de Arte 3DBarrio. Una organizacion artistica en Honduras. Para mas informacion, por favor ver mi post dedicado a ellos.

Comparto aqui tambien una presentacion en PPS que demuestra lo mucho que se puede hacer con todas las botellas llenas de liquidos poco saludables que invaden nuestras communidades:

Solucion artistica para la basura

Algunos ejemplos de lo mucho que se puede hacer con la basura. En paises donde hay pocos recursos para reciclar, la basura de todo tipo de vuelve un gran problema. Que mejor solucion que usar la creatividad comunal para transofrmar estos materiales.

Solucion artistica para la basura

Solucion artistica para la basura

Solucion para la basura

Solucion para la basura

Lampara de tapas de botella

Lampara de tapas de botella


Sustainable Housing in Canada

How can Environmental Sustainability and Social Sustainability join hands when it comes to building and securing affordable housing in Canada?

Yamana Gold – Call to artists – Llamado a artistas

Yamana Gold, a Toronto-based mining company, has sent out a competition for artists to help them with a PR campaign. In response to the  competition call, local curator Maggie Flynn is calling artists to respond to Yamana’s competition and their mining methods. This corporation has multiple holdings in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, where its mines and methods have been highly criticized.

Aunque Yamana Gold no tradujo su llamado a artistas en espanol, el sitio web lo ha traducido para la gente de habla hispana, y para que la respuesta sea mas sincera, siendo que son la gente Latina quienes estan mas afectados por los projectos de esta corporacion.

Please visit for details on how to respond in a creative way to Yamana’s calls.


Mining Conlfict – Cynical toolkits

Recently I’ve been researching a lot about mining comapnies, especially Canadian mining companies, and their work abroad.

Through school I’ve come across a document titled “Preventing Conflict in Exploration: A Toolkit for Explorers and Developers”, a joint collaboration of the International Network for Economics and Conflict, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), World Vision Canada, and The Corporate Engagement Program – CDA Collaborative Learning Projects.

The document is a tool kit that uses Popular Education models and methods to reduce conflict when multinational mining companies approach a community who is resisting a project.

The opening paragraph states:

“Many multi-national mining exploration and development companies operate in areas suffering from violent conflict and chronic instability. Control and access to the resources that they seek to extract are often key drivers of conflict and instability. Not surprisingly then, tensions sometimes escalate when extractive operations commence. However, this is not inevitable, and companies themselves can do much to mitigate the emergence of these tensions, even during the early exploration phases.”

They are basically saying that they are aware that their projects produce conflict, but they are going to go ahead with their plans, with the goal of soothing the community through the conflict the company will cause.
It is incredibly cynical and manipulative.

For some facts on the nature of these mining conflicts and the sad reality that communities most often do not benefit from the arrangements, please refer to Rights Action and their well-documented accounts on these conflicts throughout Central America. Here is a pdf document with many case studies that reflect the deceptive nature of the undertakings of mining companies and prospectors.

Oportunidades para trabajo para artistas en Centro America – Central American artist work opportunities

Usa tus talentos creativos para fortalezer comundiades en Centro America – Use your creative talents to strengthen communities in Central America.

Apply to ArtCorps today – Aplica a la organizacion de ArtCorps:

Monica Gutierrez

Volunteer with ArtCorps

Aluna Theatre

Aluna Theatre, in collaboration with Fundacion Imaginación, have developed a great example of youth workshops creating accessible media and creating communication that is relevant to their lives and contexts.

La Fundación Imaginación in Colombia works with youth affected by the armed conflict either indirectly as victims or as victimizers (as child soldiers).

Aluna Theatre created the workshops based on the feeling that ¨given opportunities to learn and permission to explore, these  young people have a chance to  open up new possibilities, both personal and practical¨ so important to people whose horizons have been shrunk by violence.

It´s a great project, please take a look at both websites for more info!

Aluna Theatre Outreach - Photo Diaries

Aluna Theatre Outreach - Photo Diaries

Residencias Bakanas – Cool Residencies

Latin American Artist Residencies – Residencias de Artistas en America Latina

Residencia Corazón Casa de Artistas (Argentina – Visual and Performing arts)

Instituto Sacatar (Brazil, sculpture)

Proyecto Arrastrao (Brazil – Art, Design and education)

ArteSol (Brazil – Sustainable Crafts Creation)

Lugar a Dudas (Colombia – Visual arts)

Casa Tres Patios (Colombia – Visual arts)