Training and tremors

We are in Antigua, Guatemala.

For the first time in a long time, I felt the earth’s lively vibrations in the form of a 5.8 earthquake on Monday. In Colombia earthquakes, and some of greater magnitude, were not uncommon. Feeling another one is a reminder of where we are, and a grim warning of how much damage one can cause (sending positive energies to Haiti). Yesterday, perhaps as a result of the quake, one of the nearest volVolcanic ash and smoke signalscanoes (“Volcan del Fuego”) was smoking in the morning.

Both the tremors and the smoke serve as a good reminder that under us, the earth is a shifting, living entity. Everything feels very alive right now. My brain is constantly vibrating as well, with new information, re-visiting old ideas, reaching into my creative self (after working so long in TD Bank) and the re-awakening of my reflective consciousness.

We are a group of 13 artists of different disciplines (theater, graphic design, visual arts, etc). Some will begin their third year in this project, gladly coming back to communities that have become home and family. Like me, there are 5 new artists. We are all from various parts of the world: Chile, Spain, Canada, the U.S, and are all undergoing training that will prepare us for a year-long project that will begin at the end of the month.

Updates are slow-coming because we are constanly in workshops, and come back to our hostel exhausted. There is much more to say and it will be said in the next few days! Please come back and share your opinions and comments 🙂


5 responses to “Training and tremors

  1. hey moica… good luck and overall a lot of energy for the preparing time in guatemaya :=). wow it sounds very interesting to be together with various artist with different background, not only referring towards the field of work/art. hopefully you´ll find time to travel at least a little bit through this amazing country with its “warm-hearted people”!!!!! i wish u lots of muse to be inspired, to absorb very conscious/aware…warm hug!!!!!

  2. Wow Mon, what an experience!

  3. Cool and awesome are simple words… but that sounds all cool and awesome!!!

  4. I will notify the Galleria Mall and TD that you have awakened your creative soul. They will be outraged!!!

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