“Arcoiris” is a rainbow puppet

Today is Sunday in Antigua. Turists from abroad, as well as richy-rich kids from the capital, ride in their fancy SUV’s or fancy motorcycles and contrast sharply against all the grandmothers and mothers and little children that try to sell them bracelets or sweaters or intricately embroidered blouses. It really is a beautiful town. It’s almost like a little, tiny, modern, Mayan, Rome, because there are lots of ruins (mostly from churches and monasteries) that are partly restored or altogether left untouched.

Laura and Cristian teaching

Laura and Cristian teaching

In the end, Cristian and I were sent with another group to another place to help with another workshop. We made sock-puppets and a small play about monsters and dreams and the benefits of school. This morning the children from “San Pedro las Huertas” presented their work to 200 teachers in training. It was mostly hilarious. Some of the puppets names were “Arcoiris” (rainbow), “Mutant Krusty” and “Extraterrestrial”.

(Photo generously donated by Galen Brown – http://www.galenbrownphotography.com/)


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