Cat´s Cradle at Sarstun Creek

From Livingston to Sarstun Creek

From Livingston to Sarstun Creek

The last few days were spent in intense travels or complete quiet in an Indigenous community. I followed Carolina (my boss) from Antigua, Guatemala to Sarstun Creek (otherwise known as Sarstooth creek) near Livingston, Guatemala.  She needed to check on planted guama trees that will help crops of corn grow stronger. The communities of Sarstun Creek are in a recently protected area which causes conflicts since they still need to grow crops to feed themselves and their animals.

Sarstun Creek Mangroves

The K´iche´ community we visited was fantastic. We had to take a boat from Livingston, cross the Honduras Gulf drive the boat up a narrow mangrove, disembark, then walk for a couple of hours through hills and mud and shallow creeks to get to the house where were stayed. The people of these communities walk so fast through the mud and the hills, barefoot, carrying bags of corn. A 50 year old mother passed me several times, was carrying more of a load than I and walked barefoot.

We slept on hammocks and pigs scratched themselves again the house constantly. On the second day I taught the children some cat`s cradle games. It only took a little orange wool string and we were so happy a whole morning.

In K´iche´ ¨Thank you¨ is ¨Bantush¨.


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