Today I’m bedridden

My foot is mighty swollen and red from a mysterious bite. Today I am bedridden, with layers of towels elevating my oozing foot, to calm down the blistering center of the bite. I have extra time to write and enjoy the riddles of the world wide web before it is taken away from me when I leave to El Nance, a community with little electricity and less internet. In fact, there is no internet at all. I will have to travel by bus to a town called Olanchito to make international calls and check my email.

This is alright. I don’t mind unplugging from the web plugs that seems so comforting. In Antigua, Guate, I reluctantly followed two colleagues to go dancing and drinking one night, when what I really wanted to do was Facebook creep. Instead we followed the night to a small reggae club with small cover ( I hear 10 Quetzales and think 10 Canadian bucks and calculate almost an hour of minimum wage, but really 10 Quetzales are about $1.10 USD). We listened to Guatemalan rockers, Antonietta ate a delicious pizza and we went outside to the balcony, where we could see most of the horizon, the hilltops and the volcanoes. One volcano constantly oozes lava, much like my foot is oozing different substances. Although we were a bit drunk that night and people around us were smoking weed, we had the lucidity to see that this volcano, out in the distance, changed colours when it got hotter. The night was black, some lights shone an orange glow closer to Antigua, and the volcano in the distance tinkled orange then blue as it spilled hotter lava on its sides. Sometimes its better to leave the computer behind and watch things we didn’t even know could happen.

Sometimes though, its amazing to surf the web and be bedridden with a warm laptop on our legs. Today I had enough time to search my art works and slightly failed web projects from years past:

La Latina

I’m Shedding Myself All Over You and You Call it Dust

Monica’s Pen’s Ramblings


9 responses to “Today I’m bedridden

  1. mons, i love your writing so much.

  2. terve, moi monica…

    to rest and relax is very excellent and a possibility to tidy up your / one`s mind!!!

    But nevertheless GET WELL SOON.

    It´s better the volcano oozes lava than your foot generates some new Elements for Mendeleev s table :=) It´s superb to take time to “travel backwards” in her/his own life through former pics, projects, etc… so this memories become “timeless”…

    a very warm hug to your “incubator” or so called “bed” :=) beso y abrazo martin

    ps.: think of the cold in finland, hence your foot will “burn” less :=)

  3. Worried Dad!!
    You never told me how bad your foot was.
    Hopefully you will be in one piece when you finish your assignment.
    Just joking.. I know you love that so much..



  4. Mon! I hope your volcano foot gets better soon! 🙂 And you are a fantastic writer!

  5. Monica my platonic life mate!

    So sorry to hear about your mysterious bite.
    Truth me told, the bite was from me.
    Trust me! I didn’t enjoy this either…but it had to be done.

    Miss you buddy. I really am enjoying your travel stories. So is Matt!

  6. I like how both your foot and the volcano are spewing strange liquids… yikes. Jealous about the sights you´re describing though.

    Miss ya miss! Get well soon!!

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