A Necklace of Fish Eggs

Yesterday we went down to the river after working in reforestation with a group of children. They wanted a reward after working hard cleaning the greenhouse and carrying hundreds of little black bags filled with fertilized soil. Hundreds of little mahogany trees have their little mouths open, waiting to be watered. I walked around town asking for permission to our last-minute excursion.s The river is south of large banana, papaya and pineapple plantations that belong to Standard Fruit, also known as Dole Industries. The export fruit to your supermarket, and have had a century-long economic hold on the region. If Standard shuts down an “hacienda” or farm, the population of many adjacent towns is almost completely unemployed. This happened shortly before I came, when workers organized a strike against a policy of 3-month contracts that prevents them from gaining benefits.
The river has no owner, but we ride our bikes through dirt roads that belong to this multinational corporation. We sneak through their  barbed-wire and are watched by their fruit-guards, who have harsh opinions against small-time thieves.
The water and its contents have no owner. The crabs, river-shrimp, small fish, tadpoles, and rocks are free. The children hunt big shrimp with hand-made harpoons. They store the fragile animals in their pant pockets or eat them fresh. They collect crabs and pull their claws with ridiculous ease.
We swam in our clothes, wore fish-egg necklaces and carried baby fish in a turtle shell that was found basking in the sun. It was a fantastic

Mahogany baby tree

Mahogany baby tree


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