Parrots, Poachers and Corn Flour Dough

Baby Parrot

Baby Parrot

Here, Nature has two faces. Honduran, Cristian-faith, agriculture-based towns understand nature as a dual entity. It is here to shake us down when god wishes to strike down with fury. The tale of Sodom and Gomorrah repeats itself in every natural disaster, perpetually signaling the end of the world. Thunder and lighting are god’s course words. But nature is also here to provide us services, to make human lives easier, all at the fate of our human consciousness and god-given privilege. Hunters of all fauna cross barbed wire fences meant to mark natural reserves. They capture or kill for either food or enjoyment. Annual rituals tackle specific animals, scavengers walk up the mountain side, machetes and slingshots in hand, searching for targets. April and May are parrot months. Throughout the Aguan Valley, skin and bones baby parrots, still too small to grow feathers, are captured by the hundreds and given as gifts or sold to unscrupulous pet store owners. Conservation laws have almost no weight when communities believe they have unrestrained rights to all that grows and lives around them.

See pictures inside a poachers’ homes

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2 responses to “Parrots, Poachers and Corn Flour Dough

  1. Monica,
    That’s terrible, those poor animals must suffer a lot. Sorry that you have to see that horrible behavior.

  2. That must be so frustrating…poor animals indeed. Hope you’re good sis!

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