Mural building blocks

Landscape painting

Landscape painting`

The first week of June we organized a camping trip to a natural reserve where various endangered endemic species are protected. The kids were ecstatic, but unfortunately only four women were allowed to come (their parents perpetually worry about their virginity) and the rest of the crew were young men. We watched the environment, drew with our eyes and painted with the actual colours of nature. Then we played lots of water-balloon games, covered a house with mud (standard valley-homes maintenance practices), and had a huge fire pit with impromptu fire breathers. Now we must condense these experiences into two murals, one in the high school and one in the elementary school of each community. Pictures of the mural are soon to come….stay tuned for updates…

Bird watching chart

Bird watching chart

Bossa-lady and I

Bossa-lady and I


2 responses to “Mural building blocks

  1. This sounds like a lovely day! I had no idea my parents were visiting you to protect the virginity of these young girls.

  2. Hola Moniquilla:

    Amazing work and nice pictures.! Looking forward to see the pictures of the murals .


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