The radio-play is the thing

Recently our Valley was rocked by horrible news from the border. In Tamaulipas, Mexico, 74 people were murdered on their journey to the U.S border. Some of the victims came from small towns nearby El Nance and Tacualtuzte. The only two survivors are a Honduran and an Ecuatorian man who endured the dessert for days and have now returned to their countries. In many towns in Honduras, every family has undocumented members in the U.S working and sending part of their wages to build a house, for a birthday party, a medical exam or school fees in Honduras. Every single person in our youth group has a family member in the U.S who have crossed some part o the dessert to get there. Most of the migrants live in New Jersey or New Orleans and got there with the help of very expensive “coyotes”.

I walk with my kids. A little heard, a tiny cluster of young life, we wade through the heat from one town to the next. Its a short road from Tacualtuzte to El Nance. My legs move like small-town-Catracho legs, my feet drag the stones, the sun blazes overtop and sweat drips from my back quicker than I advance. The kids exaggerate how they will melt, faint and dehydrate on the 10 minute walk. We slug over to the bus shelter and rest.
Only ten minutes, and we are already exhausted. How can you survive the desert for days?

These days we are working on a radio-play. We have meetings in either El Nance or Tacualtuzte and develop the story, the characters, the sounds, the scenes. A unanimous decision was made by the group: the radio-play will be a romantic immigration story. We decided this before the Tamaulipas massacre, and now it seems so much more pressing to talk about these issues. In a strange foreshadowing, the kids picked this migration theme because it is a huge, and undigested part of their lives. There’s no moment where they have communally analyzed the reasons, the histories and the repercussions of these migrations. To start this work, the kids will be doing interviews to the people in town to gather as many stories as we can about the people who have gone abroad and their reasons for doing so…more work and updates will follow….


One response to “The radio-play is the thing

  1. …your article is shocking because the reality of the massacre came close… attached when the kids relatives had and have the same story of “crossing the border for a desired “”better””life” … its touching…keep you even more attached to every single personal fate…

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