The return

Many weeks after my return I still wake up surprised there are no roosters and pigs signaling the start of a new day. I miss many things but I am also surprised how easy it has been to settle back into your old life, and to be tempted by old routines.

Every so often, a little thread sneaks its way into my cell phone, or through inconstant facebook chats or emails, and I am reminded through tiny updates and glimpses of what life was for me last year.

Today I received an email from Guillermo Anderson, a popular musician in Honduras who I invited to visit our town for a kid’s concert about respecting your environment. He is doing some amazing work with drumming circles for youth violence prevention. Please visit his blog at:

I will continue to publish and share these glimpses on this blog, and hopefully make it a site where Community Arts in Central and South America are showcased in all the variety and richness of the work.


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