The 40-year-old struggle

My cousin, Viviana Quintero, a fantastic writer, forensic anthropology enthusiast and philosopher, introduced me to the work of the most famous photojournalist in Colombia. Jesús Abad Colorado has worked for over 12 years capturing black and white  images of struggle, hope and astonishing endurance. His work is coupled with my cousin’s, in a project to reconstruct and narrate the historic memories that linger after armed conflict. This human-rights project, ¨Memoria Historica¨ is intended to capture the truth, often hidden, of what was witnessed and suffered by victims of armed civil war in Colombia.

Comuna 13

Jesús Abad Colorado

The process of collecting their memories involved community arts practices, and one-on-one interviews on difficult topics. After the collection period, these truths are brought to courts for justice, staring a communal healing process. A page describing their activities and process can be found here. At the bottom of the page is a link ¨descargar¨where you can download a comprehensive PDF. Use it and spread the word!


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